Manifold Control Pack Installation



The Manifold Control Pack provides temperature controlled mixed water to an underfloor heating system up to approximately 120m2 with a heat output up to 15kw (50,000 BTU‘s).


Section 1 Introduction


The Manifold Control Pack is a pre-assembled unit suitable for the control of underfloor heating systems with a heat output of up to 15kW (50,000 BTU’s). This would provide enough underfloor heating for an area of approximately 120m2.


Designed to complement a range of underfloor manifolds the Manifold Control Pack is a bolt on unit providing a quick and simple system to install. All pre-assembled joints are leak tested to reduce the risk of leaks on site.



Section 2 Installation


Before beginning the installation of the Manifold Control Pack, identify all of the components in the pack.


Make up the manifold by fitting the drain off/air vent adaptors to the right hand side of the manifold and the 1” isolating ball valves to the left hand side of the manifold. Fix the manifold to the wall using the wall plugs and screws provided. Your manifold may already be pre-assembled in this way.


The 1” BSP male x 1.1/2” flanged fitting and pump union nut should be fitted into the isolating ball valve on the flow header (upper) of the manifold.



Section 3 - Wiring


A fused spur should be Provided adjacent to the manifold to Provide power to the Pump and two port zone valve.


We are able to offer a number of control options that will complement the Manifold Control Pack and the underfloor heating system. Check your specification sheet for details of the control system Additional wiring information will be provided to supped your control option.


To comply with lEE regulations the pump on the Manifold Control Pack must be provided with an earth. All wiring should be undertaken by a qualified installer and conform to IEE regulations. 

Section 4- Settings


The mixing valve supplied as part of the Manifold Control Pack has a temperature setting range of between 35.C and 60.C as detail below.




















Initial setting of the mixing valve (after the heat up / screed drying period) should provide the following flow temperatures.

                        Screeded floors              40-45. C

                        Timber floors                  56-60. C

These initial settings can then be adjusted to provide comfort. A maximum floor surface temperature of 29.C should not be exceeded (wet areas such as bathrooms, 35.C) as this will lead to feelings of discomfort. With timber floor finishes including strip laminate products the maximum floor temperature of 27-C should not be exceeded as this may result in excessive shrinkage of the timber.