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Underfloor heating layouts are designed to have no joints in the pipe other than that at the manifold, minimising the risk of leakage.

 for a full UFH design


Diffupex Underfloor Heating Pipe VPE/PAM crosslinked polyethylene pipe is manufactured using the Pont a' Mousson (PAM) process, the performance of which exceeds DIN 16892/3. Supplied in 17mm and 2Omm OD with a 2mm wall thickness, Diffupex pipe has a rated working pressure of 6 bar at 900C and conforms to DIN Standard 4726.

The Diffupex oxygen diffusion barrier is impervious to oxygen with no measurable oxygen ingress at 500C. It is the ideal barrier, having a strong bond between the barrier layer and the pipe, a low thermal resistance and the same thermal coefficient of expansion as the pipe.

10 Year Guarantee full details available an request.